Spencer tagged the tweet for the attention of The Division 2's creative director Julian Gerighty and left it at that. However Gerighty then retweeted the musings to his own followers asking: "thoughts?" and generating hundreds of replies most of which were delighted at the suggestion.

Aside from myriad fixes and balance changes Episode 1 will introduce two new main missions the Expeditions game mode new gear including two Exotics and two more Classified Assignments. The Operation Dark Hours raid is also getting a lowered "Discovery" difficulty (with reduced rewards) and even amongst the many balance changes skill overhauls stand out.

Ubisoft also detailed a set of tweaks and improvements that will be coming in the update many of them based on player feedback. Most significantly the Operation Dark Hours raid will have a new "Discovery" difficulty that will let players use matchmaking. The lack of raid matchmaking led to complaints from the community. The Normal mode will still have its own exclusive loot but Discovery will let players try the raid and learn the ropes in a more casual setting.

Spencer's ideal spin-off would explore a Division agent trying to find their family amid the events of the games' stories. "None of the stories have explored what a Division agent sacrifices and what they go through mentally. When you think about it: it’s a pretty dark/epic thing - there’s huge opportunity to tell some incredible stories there," he said.

At the very least Gerighty is interested and wants to know what fans think. That doesn't mean anything will come of this—it's much more likely nothing will—but The Division is a world with a lot of storytelling potential. A consistent criticism of the multiplayer co-op series is its mediocre storytelling so it's fun to think about a spin-off where narrative could come first.

When The Division 2’s raid launched in May many players complained that the new multiplayer mission wouldn’t allow for matchmaking despite a promise in marketing materials that “every activity” in the game would have it. Instead players had to manually sync up with seven others which Ubisoft developers said they felt was important to assembling groups that would work through the raid as an effective team.

Similar games like Destiny 2 have taken the same approach.) The developers later said they would work on a compromise offering. It’s unclear if this is the entirety of it. Matchmaking support for an easier version of the raid will allow more players to see its content but said “discovery” version of the raid won’t pay out the game’s top loot rewards.