As you can hopefully see the Fortnite Edition purple Xbox One S sports a striking black-to-grape gradient that makes it unique among currently-available consoles. The Xbox One S has only been released in white beforehand with the gradient effect being limited to special editions Xbox One X units.

Once you get there things make a little more sense: this is quite a lot grander than most of the other buildings in the area even if it doesn't quite look exactly like the cabin in the trailer. Here's what it looks like on the ground though some jerk destroyed the tree moments into my match so it's not in the screenshot.

Shotguns are a complicated weapon type in Fortnite due to their effectiveness with Epic constantly trying to manage just how powerful they are (particularly when players have more than one in their inventory). One particular shotgun the Tactical Shotgun has now gotten a few new versions and can be found in both Epic and Legendary variants from floor loot chests supply drops loot carriers and vending machines. It has a maximum damage of 83/87.

It does 1.5 shots per second and holds eight shells. If you manage to land a headshot with it there's a multiplier of 2.25. After this Season 9 will wind down for a couple weeks before Season 10 starts up on August 1st. There might be overtime challenges in the meantime but there's been no official word on that just yet.

In any case the final Fortbyte is only accessible if you've reached Tier 100 in the Season 9 Battle Pass and unlocked the Vendetta Outfit. You'll need to equip that skin and head to the northernmost Sky Platform. So all you have to do is complete enough daily and weekly challenges to get to Tier 100 of the Season 9 Battle Pass equip the Venedetta Outfit and glide down to this Sky Platform just to the west of Lazy Lagoon. Simple right?

We’re nearing the end of season 9 of Fortnite which can only mean one thing: another massive live event is on the horizon. And the teases have already started. Over the past week or so in the lead-up to season 10 a massive robot has slowly been assembled inside of a now-dormant volcano (the same one that erupted in season 8 drastically changing Fortnite’s island).

It started with a mysterious metal foot appearing and for the last few days a giant headless mech dominated the island’s landscape. Now the mechanical creation is finished and it looks like a cross between Voltron and Fortnite’s iconic Cuddle Team Leader character. You can check out the towering robot in the game right now.