According to the trailer the volcano event that happened on May 4 had a lasting effect on the island. The two destroyed areas Tilted Towers and Retail Row are now replaced with futuristic versions of the locations called Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. The volcano also changed and is now known as Pressure Plant. Epic tweeted on May 14 that the first official update v.9.01 would happen Wednesday May 15 at 1 a.m. PT.

This update’s new weapon is called the Drum Shotgun. The Drum Shotgun is a fast firing automatic shotgun. The gun will come in three varieties Common which will do 45 damage per shot Uncommon which will do 47 damage per shot and Rare which will do 50 damage per shot. According to Epic’s patch notes the weapon can be found from Floor Loot Vending Machines and Loot Carriers.

Fortnite has always had a complicated relationship with shotguns. Most recently Epic introduced the Combat Shotgun as a replacement for the Pump Shotgun. While players didn’t hate the Combat Shotgun overall Epic still ended up bringing back the Pump Shotgun just a few weeks after it was taken out. Much like the Combat Shotgun was a slightly lower damage faster firing version of the Pump the Drum is similar to Fortnite’s Tactical Shotgun.

It's just a pair of feet for right now but you only need to see Pressure Plant from space in order to see why that's still noteworthy: these feet are gigantic. Fortnite has been threatening to build a giant robot for most of Season 9 so far and now it appears that we're getting moving on things in earnest. The other day the game replaced Pressure Plant with two huge yellow pads. Now there are feet on those pads and you get a real sense of scale just by going near them.

Like most Fortnite Content Updates update 9.30 doesn't offer much in the way of new features. Especially when it comes to the game's massively popular Battle Royale mode the Drum Shotgun is the only addition of note. While something that's a combination of two of Fortnite's most popular weapons is certainly interesting it's not as exciting as a new mode or substantial map change.

That being said folks who enjoy Creative or Save the World get a little bit more today. Selections of Prefabs and Galleries allow creators to expand their aesthetic ambitions and it's cool to see the 14 Days of Summer finally make its way to Save the World. There won't be crazy changes headed to Fortnite as we approach the Fourth of July but the Drum Shotgun may be just enough to keep fans happy.

Leaked images have shown a giant robot is being built in the Pressure Plant to fight the monster seen in Fortnite's Season 9 environmental changes. The Pressure Plant was one of many changes that came to the game in Season 9 at the beginning of May. The first glimpse players got of the monster was the eye underneath Polar Peak after it was damaged from the volcanic explosion at the end of the previous season. The monster has since escaped its icy prison and can now be seen swimming along the coastline with a castle on its back.