The Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Week 2 challenges dropped earlier today and are currently live in Rocket League. The Week 1 challenges have finished up and it’s time to race into the Rocket Pass 3 Week 2 challenges. What are the Week 2 challenges and rewards? Read on for more information regarding the Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Week 2 challenges.

As we venture towards the fourth anniversary of ROCKET LEAGUE we can’t help but marvel at its continued success especially considering that it’s a sequel to a little-known PS3 title from 2008. This is a prime example of what service games can be at their best and it’s still getting updates. We’re on Rocket Pass 3 now and it comes complete with weekly challenges and plenty of loot to strive for. Want an advantage while grinding out Rocket Pass 3 and getting the best rewards? Here are some Rocket League tips and tricks to get you going.

The Regional Championship of the Rocket League Championship Series concludes the online action for Season 7 this weekend. North America Europe and South America will hold playoffs to determine the qualifying teams for the postseason LAN in New Jersey. The Regional Championship has adopted a format different than in previous years. The new Page Playoff format pits the third and fourth seeds in the first match. The winner qualifies for the World Championship and advances to face the second seed in the semi-final of the Regional Championship.

Colleges across the nation are building new facilities at an astounding rate—and no it’s not for football. Esports has exploded onto the collegiate seen in the past few years with no sign of slowing down. Streams of matches have become common place on networks such as TBS. Universities have begun supplying scholarships for prospective esport athletes and it has become part of the selective criteria that prospective students asses.

Roll up roll up: The ROCKET LEAGUE ROCKET PASS 3 WEEK 3 CHALLENGES have just gone live TODAY MAY 1. If you’re eager to race on and see the FULL LIST OF PREMIUM AND FREE CHALLENGES then you could do a lot worse than scrolling down and checking them out. That even includes the full list of ROCKET PASS 3 WEEK 3 REWARDS for you to coo over. The week’s Rocket League challenges are more interesting than your average batch too so you might need to step it up a gear if you want to succeed before the May 7 deadline.

The tire maker’s branding will appear in the broadcast and studio show and the company will also present the tournament’s MVP award. DreamHack will produce a custom-branded podium featuring BFGoodrich tires tread marks and neon lighting. DreamHack Dallas takes place from May 31 to June 2 and is the first DreamHack event to be held in Dallas following previous stops in Austin Texas. This is the first esports sponsorship for the 149-year-old BFGoodrich which is owned by Michelin.

Whatever the historical connotations of the phrase might be there’s only one thing we know for sure here: none of these people have played Rocket League. This high-octane vehicular soccer game was first released for PC and PlayStation 4 back in July 2015. Since then Psyonix’s unhinged arcade title has been ported to the other current-gen systems. Whatever your system of choice might be you’ve surely been exposed to the game at some point.