Control Points are just one of many world events that players can take part in while playing The Division 2. Once you reach World Tier 4 you'll be able to raise the Alert Level of each Control Point making the rewards better but also raising the difficulty substantially. In this guide we'll tell you how to increase the Control Point Alert Level in The Division 2. Ubisoft have readied another minor patch for their looter shooter The Division 2. This time the focus is on fixing some bugs and issues that appeared in the last couple of weeks. The patch is scheduled to drop tomorrow 16 April 2019 and the estimated downtime will be around 3 hours.

Looter-shooters have created quite the controversy this year with Anthem being an incomplete game; but that's a rabbit hole I won't go down right now. The gameplay loop of a looter-shooter is pretty simple: kill things get better guns kill things better. I'm not one who looks for a story in this format,path-of-exiles-latest-major-expansion,6160.html but that's just me. In the end all that really matters is the endorphin rush you get by seeing those numbers become bigger. But what happens once you're done looting and shooting everything on the map? I think Tom Clancy's The Division 2 may have the answer.

After you recruit Emma Richards to the Base of Operations at the Whitehouse you'll unlock the Recalibration Station. This new crafting area allows you to take Talents from some equipment and place them on other pieces of equipment. It's a great way to pick and choose the Talents that you want for some of your weapons and is key to really building out your loadouts if you want specific Talents available to you. In this guide we'll tell you everything you need to know to use the Recalibration Station in The Division 2.

As mentioned above you'll only be able to increase the Alert Level of a Control Point once you have reached World Tier 4. If you don't know how to increase World Tiers then make sure you read our handy guide. When you do reach World Tier 4 you'll notice that events around the city are now tied by red lines that lead back to Control Points. While the patch does fix some of the annoying issues that players have been reporting it's doesn't include significant changes and many other problems like enemies shooting through walls or DELTA 03 disconnects still remain untouched for the time being.

One could say that the endgame is where a game really starts; that’s not my opinion but I do feel like sometimes an endgame is better than the actual game. Each game has their own version of it; Monster Hunter World does it with Tempered Hunts Diablo 3 had the Greater Rifts and then there are the quintessential MMORPG raids. So what makes the Division 2 endgame stand out from the rest of the looter-shooters? Well the answer is a whole new faction known as Black Tusk. What's so special about these guys you ask? Let's just say you were fighting noobs up till now.

As stated above the Recalibration Station allows you to change the Talents on your current weapons and gear by pulling a single Talent from another piece of gear of equal rarity and type. This will allow you to more finely tune your Talents to include things that you will actually make use of on your loadout. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. Recalibration can be costly destroying the other piece of equipment that you pull a Talent from. Because you're always changing out gear as you level up and complete World Tiers I highly recommend waiting until you reach the higher World Tiers before working with the Recalibration Station at all.

These red lines signify that these events are directly tied to the Control Points that they lead back to. In order to increase the Control Point Alert Level you're going to need to complete events that are tied to those Control Points. Each event in the world like Propaganda Broadcasts will include a +1 or even a +2 beside them. This shows that completing this event will add one additional Alert Level to the Control Point that it is connected to. When you've completed enough of these the Control Point's Alert Level will reach up to Level 4 the highest available in The Division 2 at the moment.