Ready for another dose of Tom Clancy's The Division 2? How about a launch trailer? The game's getting ready to drop in a couple of weeks and you can get a glimpse of it with this new clip that cobbles some of the most interesting bits together. The action-packed clip certainly makes it look like The Division 2 is going to be absolute chock-full of moments that take your breath away and get your heart pumping. Of course that's the point of advertising but this clip definitely does its job well.

"We used to be ordinary people with ordinary lives trained in secret. Only to be activated if the worst happened. Seven months ago,there-are-tons-of-unlockable-items-in-far-cry-new-dawn,5951.html that day came." says the unknown narrator as the trailer tells the story of a virus tearing the country apart. When Washington began to fall as a result and the leaders began to go dead and missing that's when "dark forces" decided to take control of the nation.

Division 2 has finally appeared on our screens with its more modified and updated version to absorb the players in its marvelous and well-thought creation of locations cosmetics and different modes of the game. With very different characters and weapons the game will have no connection with the previous game The Division. This Division 2 Leveling Guide will inform you about leveling up in the game and collecting more XP throughout the game.

The Division was a surprisingly lonely game given its online MMO-esque nature. However such will not be the case with The Division 2 thanks to its in-depth clan system. Players will have the option of banding together into 50-person clans complete with XP-based progression and clan-specific social spaces. Ubisoft announced the inclusion of clans via this post on The Division 2's website. According to Ubisoft the ability to join and create clans will be unlocked early on in the game's story campaign. If you want to create your own clan you'll need a minimum of four people.

Each weapon or armor comes with a predefined set of Talents; you have to reach a certain threshold in order to unlock them. They can be unlocked the kind of the same way they did in Division 1 where you had to increase enough of the 3 core player stats i.e. Firearms Stamina and Electronics. However in the new game the method has become somewhat complicated. In Division 2 the name of the 3 main player stats has been changed to Offense Defense and Skills respectively.

Throughout The Division 2's dilapidated vision of the United States'capital there are resources and most importantly boxes stuffed full of loot around every corner. As you're making your way around the streets of post-collapse D.C. you'll be guided by an orange GPS marker to your next objective. However don't feel like you have to stick to it like a roller-coaster does to a track take shortcuts through alleyways cut corners through buildings and you'll more than likely stumble across crafting materials or new gear along the way.

That's where you come in as part of The Division or the "last line of defense." The trailer stresses that you're the last people in the country who are able to "make a stand" and unite DC to grow toward some sort of semblance of cohesion as a country once more. "We are The Division and history will remember us," says a defiant voice near the end of the clip. It's certainly convincing. If you weren't on board before you'll definitely be now.